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Dealing With Solar Panels On Urban Housing

Marking Death Traps: Hazardous "Occupied" Vacants

By Brian Butler- New Article at Firehouse.Com 

The 270 Degree Size-Up - When the 360 Is Not Possible...

By Brian Butler- New Article at Firehouse.Com 

Ventilating Attic Fires With Solar Panels.

By Brian Butler- Feature: Fire Engineering

The Urban Attic

Coming in April 2018

Why Fires Are Down, And Why That's Bad For New Firefighters.

Coming Soon!

'Tis The Season: Chimney Fires

Machinery Rescue: Will You Ever Get To Use That "Man vs Machine" Tool Box?

Fires in Parking Garages

Basement Fires

basement fire

Basement Fires 2

basement fire2

Attics & Cockloft Fires

attic fire

Vehicle Fires

Coming soon!

Highrise Fires

Coming soon!

Service Station Fires

Coming soon!

Parking Garage Fires

parking garage fire

Coming soon!

Tunnel Fires

tunnel fire

Coming soon!

Motel Fires

motel fire

Coming soon!

Rapid Transit Train Fires

Coming soon!

Electrical Fires

electrical fire

Coming soon!

Gas Emergencies

Coming soon!



Coming soon!

Machinery Rescue


Coming soon!

Auto Extrication


Coming soon!

Rope Rescue

rope rescue

Coming soon!

Fire Escapes

Protective Systems

Coming soon!

Chimney Fires

Manhole & Vault Fires

Appliance Fires

Murphy's Law

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