Brian Butler

Career Fire Captain City of Trenton NJ Fire Dept. 21 years 

(7 years Ladder Co, 14 years Engine Co)

Firefighter King of Prussia PA Fire Rescue
Rescue Technician at Southeastern Montgomery County PA Technical Rescue Task Force
Hazmat Technician Bucks PA Hazmat Response Team

Contributor Firehouse & Fire Engineering   
Owner UrbanFireTraining.Com


Rescue Technician (NFPA 1006)

Vehicle Extrication Technician (NJ, PA DE)

Extrication & Machinery Technician (PA)

Confined Space Technician Level 2

Hazmat Technician

Railcar Incident Response
Heavy Rescue Operations/Technician

Agricultural, Machinery, Bus Rescue

Elevator Rescue Operations/ Technician (CT) 

Structural Collapse Operations Level 1

Mountain Rope Rescue Operations (TN)

 Industrial Rope Rescue 1,2,3 (NJ, PA)

SCUBA Diver (non-active)

PECO Fire Academy Electric and Gas
Septa, NJ Transit, Amtrak Passenger Train Emergency Response.

Incident Management-NIMS- IS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, ICS-400, IS-0700, IS-0701, IS-800. 

Emergency Response to Terrorism

National Incident Safety Officer (ProBoard)

Fire Investigation (ProBoard) Arson Case Management, Fatality Investigation, Meeting Requirements of NFPA 1033, Fire Scene Search & Evidence Recovery (Non-Active)

Level 2 Fire Instructor (Proboard) 

NJ Drill Ground Instructor

Fire Engineering Profile

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Course Offerings

*Rapid Transit Fires

*Highrise Fires

*Highrise Emergencies

*Basement & Cellar Fires

*Attic & Cockloft Fires

*Vehicle Fires & Beyond

*Murphy's Law for the Millennial Firefighter: The "HERCULES" Method

*Service Station Fires

*Hotel & Motel Fires. There is a difference...

*Difficult to Access Fires (Tunnels, Bridges, Parking Garages, Marinas, Elevated Platforms)

Elevator Rescue