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Attics and Cocklofts

This course will cover strategy and tactics in attics and cocklofts. Not all top floor fires are the same, there are several different types of attics and lofts with different methods of fire attack. From cocklofts in taxpayers and residential suburban storage attics, to urban living space attics in 2 1/2 story wood-frame homes, your on-approach size up indicators will set the stage for your incident action plan. The main focus for this course will be size-up, determining the type of attic from the street, fire attack methods, difficult access, ventilation options and overhaul, the importance of safely checking and extinguishing hidden fire in void space. 

Basement and Cellars


Fires in basements kill more firefighters than any other area of the structure. This course will include basements, cellars, and sub-cellars, covering initial size up, floor stability, floor and building construction, support systems, renovated structures, urban vs suburban basements, living space vs storage, utilities, entanglement/entrapment hazards, forcible entry of Bilco doors and window bars, MAYDAY calls, exterior and interior egress, fire attack, and ventilation options for SFD's, MFD's, taxpayers, and garden apartments.

In addition, the critical role of the pro-active RIT duty assignments, and making the "go" or "no go" decision to advance over the fire and down the stairs. 

Using UL studies, real basement fire incidents involving close calls and LODD"s; This course is a must for every interior firefighter

Elevator Rescue

Basic Elevator Operations: This course will review the various types of elevators, safety features, passenger removal methods, hoistway keys, anatomy of the car, hoistway, and machine room, phase 1-2 operations and firefighter recall. HANDS ON COURSES available if an elevator can be secured by the requesting organization. 

Highrise Fires and Emergencies

This course goes beyond just highrise fires. With less time devoted to the obvious building construction and incident command, the course will focus on the following:

Wind-driven fires, elevator operations, size up, residential vs commercial strategy and tactics, ventilation, search and evacuation, roof operations, attached occupanices, adjacent properties,  underground parking areas, utility penthouses, air handlers, storage areas, methane, propane and CO releases, stack effect, and fires in the subdivision. 

This course prepares the new firefighter and company officer to mitigate various incidents involving a highrise building. Additional UL studies, NIST and LODD case studies will be reviewed and discussed.

Custom extended courses covering machinery and elevator extrication, high-angle rope rescue and hazmats can be requested. 

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