FDIC 2020



This course will help prepare firefighters and company officers handle various emergencies involving high speed commuter rail, passenger trains,  light rail service, conventional and CNG bus fires. Rapid transit is common in urban, suburban and metropolitan areas transporting thousands of commuters every hour.

Fire departments must prepare for passenger car and locomotive train fires, transit bus fires (CNG, Hybrid) extrications, pins, and other various emergencies on rail property.

It’s critical that ALL firefighters understand the dangers involving catenary, third rail, and diesel-electric propulsion in electrified territory and tactical considerations for train fires involving tunnels, bridges, elevated platforms, subways, and adjacent rail properties.

Basic train anatomy, safety procedures, tunnel ventilation systems, protective systems, proper tools and equipment for rescue incidents, extinguishing agents, and fire attack methods for Class A, B, C fires and maintenance trains will be reviewed.

This is a FIRE course for firefighters of all levels that concentrates on preparing FIRE departments for various emergencies and proper pre-planning for the types of rapid transit that service their particular district/response area.

Exact time and day TBA soon!